Timing Series » Ford/Mazda

- Camshaft setting/locking plates are used to accurately align a datum slot, located in the end of the camshaft,

  with the top face of the camshaft housing to hold the camshaft at the (TDC) top dead center position.
  locking pins are designed to pass through datum holes in the timing belt pulleys into fixed position timing holes
  on the engine. the crankshaft TDC location pin is designed to screw into the cylinder block and provide a stop
  for the crankshaft to be position ed against to set the TDC position.
  crankshaft locking tools are used to set the crankshaft timing position during both removal and
  replacement of the timing belt.
  flywheel locking tool is required on engines where the flywheel and crankshaft must be held at the correct
  timing position this tool is used in conjunction with the appropriate TDC setting screw.
- A special four piece set containing the necessary special pins required to lock the camshaft sprocket,
  flywheel and align the crankshaft and fuel pump when checking the valve timing on 2.0 & 2.4 liter
  chain driven engines and or replacing the timing belt on 1.4 liter engines.