UN07094-Cleaning the Fuel Injectors

Diagnostic Series » Fuel Injector Cleaning & Diagnostic

Read, understand, and follow "Safety Precautions" before using Fuel
Injector Cleaner.Run the vehicle until the engine reaches normal operating
temperature. Shut the engine OFF. Turn regulator on top of Fuel Injector
Cleaner to full OPEN position (counterclockwise).Leave the fitting on the end
of the regulator open-do NOT connect shop air. Close the shut-off valve at the
bottom of the Fuel Injector Cleaner. Note: Valve Is OFF if it's turned all the
wayclockwise.Remove top and regulator assembly from top of Fuel Injector
Cleaner. Fill the  container with one bottle of D-Karbonizer. Install top and
regulator assembly again. Connect the canister hose to a decarbonizing
adapter . Locate a manifold vacuum port (NOT ported vacuum)near the
throttle body or carburetor. (This will distribute the decarbonizing solution
more evenly.)Connect the decarbonizer hose (with adapter) to the manifold
vacuum port.Start the engine. Manually increase throttle to 1,500 RPM while
slowly opening the shut-off valve. (The engine wi11 run rough and RPM
will decrease. Do NOT manually increase RPM.)When the container is empty,
turn the engine OFF. Remove the adapter fitting from the engine. Connect the
vacuum hose.Let the vehicle sit for at least 30 minutes to allow the solution to
work on soft carbon deposits.Test drive the vehicle for at least 15 miles to flush
loosened carbon deposits out of the system.