Timing Series » Ford/Mazda


The application list for this product has been compiled cross

referencing the OEM Tool Code with the Component Code.

In most cases the tools are specific to this type of engine and

are necessary for Cam belt or chain maintenance. If the

engine has been identified as an interference engine valve to

piston damage will occur if the engine is run with a broken

Cam belt.

A compression check of all cylinders should be performed

before removing the cylinder head. Always consult a suitable

work shop manual before attempting to change the Cam Belt

or Chain. The use of these engine timing tools is purely down

to the use’s discretion and Eldon Tool and Engineering cannot

be held responsible for any damage caused what so ever.


Mark Model Type Engine Code Year


KA 1.3 TDCi


Punto 1.3 JTD Multi-Jet 188A9.000 2003-2007

Panda 1.3 JTD Multi 169A1.000 | 188A8.000 2003-2009

Idea 1.3 JTD Multi 199A3.000 | 188A9.000 2004-2006

Doblo 1.3 JTD Multi 188A9.000 2004-2006


Ingis 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2003-2009

Wagon 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2003-2009

Swift 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2003-2010


Agila 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2003-2008

Corsa-C 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2003-2007

Combo-C 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2003-2009

Corsa-D 1.3 CDTi Z13DTH | Z13DTJ 2006-2009

Astra-H 1.3 CDTi Z13DTH 2004-2009

Tigre-B 1.3 CDTi Z13DT 2004-2009

Meriva 1.3 CDTi Z13DT | Z13DTJ 2004-2009