UN03005-Video Borescope for Industrial

Electrical & Battery Series

Video Borescope for Industrial

This tool is a rugged professional video scope designed for military and emergency relief purposes.
It includes waterproof and shock-resistance design, along with a 5” LCD monitor in order to provide clear viewing. It comes with a 4-way articulating camera probe, capable of performing pan viewing and tilting up to 260° degrees. The viewing angles allow the user to check on turbine engine, container inspection, and all kind of inspection service in harsh environments.
Additional Features
- Waterproof design for harsh environments.
- Shock resistance design to endure 1.5-meter drop test.
- Supports digital wireless video transmission.
- 5” TFT LCD Monitor.
- Zoom in/Zoom out functions.
- Adjustable LED lights function.
- Photo snap-shot and video recording functions.
- Photo comparison feature, allows user to examine two photos simultaneously.
- Supports TV out functions.
- Powered by high capacity rechargeable battery.