UN07113-Block Tester

Diagnostic Series » Cooling System


For use on gasoline engines only-not recommended for Diesel.
1. Remove radiator cap and check coolant level.
    Siphon or drain coolant unit level is 2 or 3 inches below opening.
    (A higher level will permit coolant to be drawn into Leak Check,
     contaminating the test fluid.)
2. Fill Leak Check with fluid to white line by removing top black rubber cap
    from clear plastic tube.
3. With engine warm and idling, push rubber cone into radiator opening and hold.
4. Squeeze and release aspirator (black) bulb for 2 minutes
    (unless test fluid turns YELLOW sooner).

This action draws air-cooling system and forces it through the test fluid. If COMBUSTION GASES ARE PRESENT IN THE COOLING SYSTEM-as a result of a cracked head, cracked block or a leaking cylinder head gasket, the test fluid will CHANCE from a BLUE or Blue Green to a YELLOW color.

How To Locate Leak
1. On V-type engines, disconnect all spark plug wires on the bank.
2. Run engine with radiator cap off for
   1 or 2 minutes to purge cooling system of combustion gas.
3. Retest with Leak Check.
    If fluid remains Blue or Blue Green the leak is in the non-firing bank.
    If test fluid turns yellow, be sure to test the other bank. It may also be leaking.
    To locate the exact cylinder at which the leak is occurring, check each cylinder
    (purging cooling system between tests)
    by disconnecting spark plug wires on each cylinder and
    re-testing. Reconnect all spark plug wires to non-leaking cylinder before each teat.

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