UN07074-Cylinder Leak Detector Tester Set

Diagnostic Series » Engine Cylinder Leakage

‧Kit allows easy identification of compression problems
‧Detector measures exact leakage amount and locates leaks area
‧To inspect the capacity of cylinder leakage, capacity 0-7 bar,
while the cylinder system pressurize it must reach 7 bar.
‧M10×1.0 Adaptor
‧M12×1.25 Adaptor
‧M14×1.25 Adaptor
‧M14×1.25 Extra Long Adaptor
‧Compression Test Adaptor - 14mm spark plug specailly use on V6 and 16 Valve
 engines with deep seated spark plug port.
‧25" rubber hose with Adaptor fit 14 and 18mm spark plug hole.
‧15" rubber hose this hose is also suitable to other range of diesel engine testing
 set from our company.