UNAK304-Power Battery Box


UNAK304-Power Battery Box

Functions included:

◎ Battery Condition Indicator

- Avoid being stranded with a flat battery: at the touch of a button the meter will indicate the battery condition.

◎ Accessory Socket                                                                              

- Convenient for all accessories such as coolers, vaccuum cleaners, portable lights, etc.. Plugs directly into the battery box.

◎ Circuit Breaker

- No more replacing fuses or danger of overheating wires, the accessory socket is connected to a 10 amp circuit breaker that cuts out when overloaded.                                                                     

- It resets by pressing a button.

◎ External Terminals

- No tools required when connecting or disconnecting terminals for safety and to prevent power leaks when not in use.                  

- Useful for easily charging the battery.                                              

- Solid Brass terminal posts.

◎ Carrying Handle

- Designed for easy carrying with one hand while also preventing contact with batter acid residue.

◎ Adjustable Strap                                                                              

 - For use when carrying or securing the battery box in a fixed position (mounting brackets and stainless steel screws provided).

◎ Battery Box

- Made from impact resistant polypropylene, ideal for keeping the surface free from battery residue.