UN03034-Multi Voltage Glow Plug Tester

Electrical & Battery Series

UN03034-Multi Voltage Glow Plug Tester

Multi Voltage Glow Plug is an equipment to verify the condition of diesel glow plug.

Feature :

◎ Voltage supply by 9V battery.

◎ Tester probe / clip are easy to replace.

◎ Initialization for different testing probe / clip.

◎ Auto switch off.

◎ Rubber coating for tester protection.

Testing Method:

1. Disconnect the voltage connection to the glow plug.

2. Plug the black clip to the ground connection of the vehicle.

3. Switch on the equipment by pressing the power button.

4. Use the red probe to touch the positive (+) of the glow plug.

5. The display will show the condition of the glow within few seconds.