UN08261-Engine Timing Tool Kit


Volkswagen 2.5/4.9D/TDI PD

Volkswagen Touareg and Trasporter 2.5 TDI PD models with

A new timing tool kit designed for gear driven engines where the injection timing is controlled by the camshaft followers.

This engine is driven by Timing Gears which are more commonly fitted to engines without an overhead Camshaft or on diesel engines.

Most gears used for driving camshafts and diesel injection pumps have helical-cut teetj but some applicatons have spur gears with straight cut or backlash reduction systems. 

The service life of the timing gears depends on:

Correct gear backlash

Correct lubricaition Timing gears are not mormally considered part of the general service and need checking only if they are dismantled or become noisy.